Air Quality
Pollutants are everywhere in your home and are frequently two to five times more prevalent than in outdoor air. Our high-efficiency air purifiers help you breathe easier by treating 100% of the air flowing through your home comfort system with our patented technology that both filters and kills or inactivates airborne irritants, such as pollen, pet dander and other air irritants.
The summer months bring hot and muggy temperatures in many parts of the country. Our multi-stage heat pumps and air conditioners offer enhanced dehumidification to ensure that extra moisture doesn’t stick around in your home. Our efficient furnaces with variable-speed blowers also help pull moisture out of the air during the cooling season.
Payne® products includes the extra care and technology to create quiet operation for your home. From design to operation, sound reduction ensures a comfortable experience with your heating and cooling systems. Payne products deliver low decibel sound levels and sound-barrier technology to create a relaxing home comfort experience.
Personalize your home comfort as part of our complete Observer® communicating system with the Observer wall control that allows you to customize temperature, humidity and fan speed in up to six zones of your home. The Smart Recovery feature smoothly and efficiently adjusts zones to your customized comfort levels throughout the day and week.
Remote Access
Convenience and versatility are key to our complete home comfort systems. Our Observer® wall control with Wi-Fi® capability provides the ideal way to control your home comfort from your computer or mobile device. Simply access your Internet and log on to our easy-to-use, personalized Web portal that displays just like the Observer control to adjust your comfort.
Programmable Control
Set your preferred temperatures throughout the week with our Observer® communicating control with advanced touchscreen technology. Our seven-day programming lets you set different  temperatures for different times of day—wake, day, eve and sleep—for the ultimate comfort control.
Variable Speed
When you combine one of our variable-speed products with an Observer® communicating control, you have more control over the comfort and humidity in your home. Variable speed is different than single speed because it can move air through your home at optimal speeds to keep your home temperature more consistent, minimize hot and cold spots and also increase efficiency and air quality.