Connecting to Equipment Through NFC

App Tutorial

The future is a tap away with the updated RC Mobile Technician App featuring Near Field Communication (NFC). Simply tap your mobile device to the NFC antenna on the control board to modify installation settings or pull diagnostic information, all without power to the furnace!


Why use NFC

  • Quicker installation time
  • Built-in verifications for a quality install and fewer callbacks
  • Detailed diagnostic information and troubleshooting tips
  • Save favorite setup parameters for repeat floorplans
  • Export a report to keep on file

Get the App

NFC functionality has been incorporated into the existing RC Mobile Technician App!

Near Field Communication (NFC) is supported on Apple® iPhone® 8 or later running iOS® 13 and most Android® smartphones running Android® 11 and above. Most tablets currently on the market, including the Apple® iPad®, do not have NFC capability.

Compatible gas furnaces will have an NFC antenna on the top right corner of the control board when installed in upflow orientation.

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Airflow tables and troubleshooting guides

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Where is the NFC antenna on my phone?

Apple® devices - on the top middle edge of the device

Android® devices – generally on the back middle of the device, but check with manufacturer to confirm

How long do I need to hold my phone in contact with the NFC tag?

Follow the on-screen prompts within the app. Once the app screen confirms the NFC connection is successful and completely advances to the next screen, you can pull away your phone.

Where is the NFC antenna on the control board?

The NFC access point is on the upper right corner of the furnace control board when oriented in an upflow configuration. Look for the rectangular icon on the board.

How close do I need to be to the equipment with the app to ensure the NFC connects and works?

You must be within 1” of the equipment with the phone/app to avoid any interference. You will need to remove the furnace door to ensure this closeness.

What devices work with the NFC feature of the new furnace?

Your device must be NFC capable and have the current version of the app downloaded. Most smart phones have NFC capability, and if your device has “tap to pay”, it has this functionality. NFC is supported on Apple® iPhone® 8 or newer and minimum iOS® 13 and Android® 11 and above.

What operating systems are required?

For Apple® devices iOS® 13 or above. For Android® devices Android® 11 and above (older versions may function but Android® 11 and above are fully supported)

Can I use my tablet with the app?

If your tablet has NFC functionality, you can download the app and utilize your tablet. At this time, the Apple® iPad® is not NFC capable.

Do I need power to utilize the NFC feature?

No. NFC draws power from your device to create a connection to the control board. In fact, the board must be powered off when using NFC.

How is NFC different from Bluetooth® technology?

NFC uses a different connection method than Bluetooth technology. NFC does not “pair” two devices, but rather makes a communication in a small range of up to 1 inch. Each time a communication is exchanged the NFC chips of the devices must be close to each other. Just because your phone has Bluetooth capability, it does not mean it has NFC.

Do I need to login or create an account to use NFC on the RC Mobile Technician App?

No you do not need to create an account or log in to connect to the furnace using NFC. If you do not have an existing HVAC Partners account, or do not wish to log in, all NFC features are still available with guest access.

Do I need cellular service to be able to use the app?

If you already have the app downloaded on your phone, most functions available on the app do NOT require cell service. Specifically, to change “installer setup” parameters and to pull diagnostic information off the control board, internet access via cellular service or WiFi® is NOT needed.

Who should be utilizing NFC functionality in the RC Mobile Technician App?

NFC connectivity is intended for use only by qualified, licensed HVAC contractors for equipment installation and service.

What is the biggest benefit of the NFC capability – or is it a gimmick?

NFC capability is definitely NOT a gimmick. This feature will save you time by allowing you to perform initial set up of a unit and provide diagnostic information at your fingertips through an app.

What else can the app do?

The RC Mobile Technician app will also benefit the RNC business by allowing contractors to save unit setup parameters by floorplan as a favorite. A saved favorite can then be applied to multiple units designated to the same floorplans at your warehouse. This saves installation time at the job site and provides confidence that the unit will operate as required upon startup.

Why would I want to use the app to program a unit vs. the 7-segment display on the unit for setup?

With the Service app, you can easily modify all setup parameters on your smartphone, then push those parameters to the control board, saving on installation time.

How can I determine fault codes via NFC technology?

Within the app, choose “Connect to Equipment” and then select “Diagnostics” and connect with NFC. Your device will show diagnostic information about the furnaces including fault history, cycle counts and run times.

What if a control board needs to be replaced in the field, how does NFC change what needs to be done?

The app includes a feature to replace a control board. If the original board can still connect with NFC, the service tech can simply scan the original board with NFC and copy settings to the replacement board.