Payne: Duct Free High Wall and Duct Free Outdoor Units



Right for You

Regardless of how the space will be used - a home theater for entertaining, a workout room for exercise or an office to conduct serious business - a Payne® Duct-Free High Wall system is the perfect fit. With its narrow, low-profile design, the indoor unit can blend right in with your decor.

Getting comfortable with Payne starts with the egonomically designed infrared remote control. This sophisticated yet simple to use control puts you in command of comfort enhancing features like motorized louvers that can sweep to spread comfort or remian stationary to focus on one area.

To combat those especially hot and sticky summer days, a dehumidification mode provides better comfort at higher set temperatures. All of these features and more combine to deliver comfort that's a little louder than a whisper, yet quieter than a basic conversation.

The Environmentally and Economically Sound Choice

A Payne Duct-Free High Wall system with R-410A refrigerant provides comfort with the satisfaction of being environmentally sound. You can save money, too, because it's a system you can enjoy when you're using the space and leave off when you're not without affecting the entire home or business. Additional features like the automatic timer and sleep mode ensure the best combination of comfort and energy savings by automatically turning the system on or off at previously set times and adjusting set points and fan speeds while you sleep. Quietly effective and elegantly designed, a Payne Duct-Free High Wall system is a great choice from the most relied upon name in the industry.